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Dekortec - The foundation for a perfect presentation

It requires a lot of imagination to develop a new tile that possesses superior technical qualities while also achieving the highest standards of aesthetic appeal. With Dekortec Argelith has succeeded.

With these innovative floor tiles we combine the qualities of mvtec®-technology with a look that will make the ideal first impression every time. The extreme load carrying characteristics of these tiles result from using only the best materials and our micro-compressed technology during manufacture. The extreme density of the tiles means that they are exceptionally resistant to both loading and absorption of fluids.

Dekortec tiles can be manufactured in your desired color as a through body tile or an attractive pattern can embellish the surface using our deep printing technique. Abrasion resistant, durable and with professional vibration-method installation, the floor will remain immutable even under extreme use.

The brilliant look reminds one of precious or natural stone, Argelith Dekortec Tiles are available in a wide palette of looks including citrine, obsidian, azurite, Galaxyit, brown jade and cream jade. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Colors and Shapes