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Fully Vitrified Tiles

Also in the future, innovating product developments will have highest priority for Argelith Bodenkeramik, in accordance with a way of manufacturing that respects environment as well as resources. Day by day, 130 qualified employees secure the production of high-quality floor ceramics and precise delivery worldwide.

High-quality products are made on a solid basis. Only good conditions guarantee continuously high standards. Argelith built one of Europe’s most advanced factories for the manufacturing of fully vitrified tiles. That’s what the quality seal mvtec (micro-consolidating technologies) stands for.

Our stoneware tiles are made of high-quality raw materials. We set a high value on a careful processing of the raw materials. Our credo: manufacturing of outstanding stoneware tiles, but conserve the environment for the next generation. For example: our industrial water is being processed almost completely.

Even the best product does not go without a continuous supervision of its quality which we can guarantee by verifications of external institutions according to DIN EN ISO 10545 1-17.

By the way: Argelith will not change anything of the mentioned conditions. We want you to be satisfied also in the future.

Three characteristics of our production make Argelith floors to what they are: velocity, economy and lastingness. These characteristics don’t come from somewhere or other. Only by using most advanced technique, digital steering procedures and a team of qualified and motivated employees we can secure this standard for you. That undoubtedly requires continuous investments. But only by that we are able to match our customers’ requirements on time, resource-saving and therefore in a reasonable price performance.

Result: The term innovation is not a hollow cliché for Argelith, but a strong advantage for you!

Colors and Shapes

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