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Clinker Tiles - The Classic Tile in Brickred

First appearance 1870 - And still going strong!

The definitive solution for fulfilling all of the requirements placed on a robust and durable floor surface - Argelith’s brick-red clinker tile.

Argelith clinker tiles are decisively harder than other floor surfaces. They are available in 5/8, 3/4 and 1 inch thicknesses. The unglazed tiles are resistant to oils, acids and caustic solutions. At your request, we will supply this classic tile in brick red with a choice of anti-slip surfaces fulfilling all of the requirements of the trade associations from R10-R13 and V06-V10. Their durability and ease of maintenance make Argelith clinker tiles the preferred floor covering for industry, public areas and catering. And in private residential accommodation, this completely natural product provides lasting comfort.

We are pleased to present the wide range of application and design opportunities offered by Argelith clinker tiles in our application brochure.

Colors and Shapes