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Cleaning Instructions:

Cleaning Instructions:


Recommended by the tile manufacturer -  Argelith Bodenkeramik

Argenol Cement Haze Remover

When ceramic tile and stoneware floors are laid or during the jointing of the tiles, the work processes involved can lead to the formation of a grey-white film on the floor. This is known as cement haze.

Argenol Cement Haze Remover is specially designed for removing this film and is the product of choice for the initial cleaning of the floor after it has been laid. This product does not only removes cement and mortar residues and grey/chalky haze, but also thoroughly and reliably cleans rust, water, and urine stains.

How it works:
  1. Dilute 1 part Cement Haze Remover with between 3 and 10 parts of water, depending on the degree of soiling. 
  2. Moisten the soiled surface and scrape off mortar residue using a trowel. Apply the solution.
  3. Allow to work for at least 5-10 minutes and scrub over once.
  4. Remove the residue that has been released and thoroughly rinse the entire area with plain water – finished!

Intensive Cleaner 

Floors that are subjected to heavy use, for example in workshops, industrial halls or garages, can be returned to a gleaming shine using Argenol Intensive Cleaner.
This product completely removes oil, fat, grease, paint splashes and many other stubborn stains.

Argenol Intensive Cleaner contains anti-foaming agents and is suitable for mechanical application – making it ideal for both initial cleaning and ongoing cleaning. After the initial application, all it takes for regular and ongoing cleaning a dash of Intensive Cleaner added to the washing water. For heavy soiling (e.g. oil, paint splashes) apply in concentrated form and leave to work. Also ideally suited for use on stoneware tiles since the cleaner does not have a relubricating effect. 
How it works:
  1. Dilute 1 part Intensive Cleaner with between 4 and 20 parts of water, depending on the degree of soiling (for daily cleaning a ratio of between 1:10 and 1:20 is recommended).
  2. Apply the solution and allow to work for at least six minutes.
  3. Scrub the surface once and then remove the residue that has been released and thoroughly rinse the entire area with plain water – finished!

Clinker Oil

 A floor consisting of quality ceramics will last for many years even when subjected to a wide range of loads. Protection and care of the floor is essential in ensuring a long life for the floor. An ideal and simple solution is the use of Argenol Clinker Oil, which gently seals the floor, intensifies the color and gives the whole surface a fresh and rustic look.

Important note: Not suitable for stoneware.
How it works:
  1. Apply clinker oil undiluted to a clean floor (for best results use a lint-free cloth, roller or spray gun)
  2. Allow to soak in briefly and polish with a clean cloth if required – finished!
  3. Should only be damp wiped 8-10 days after application.