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Thin - Set Systems

For applications that cannot accommodate a vibrated, thick-bed mortar system, a thin-set (traditional tile setters’ method) should be considered.

In many instances, for example an existing Service Shop, etc. could not facilitate a thick-bed flooring system due to transition challenges at overhead-doors, man-doors, floor- or trench-drains, in-ground lifts, etc.

A thin-set floor would be installed using Argelith ceramic floor tiles, following the guidelines as stipulated by the Tile Council of North America.

It is very important to properly prepare concrete slabs prior to installing Argelith ceramic floor tiles. If a new concrete slab would be poured a depression has to be provided to allow for the thickness of tile and thin-set mortar. Concrete slabs to be dimensionally stable and free of cracks, laitance, waxy or oily films. The maximum variation in the concrete slab shall not exceed ⅛” in 10’-0” from the required plane.

Floor finishes and contaminations on existing concrete slabs have to be removed before Argelith ceramic floor tiles are placed. Removal of such finishes can typically be achieved by shot-blasting, grinding, etc.

Setting and grouting Argelith ceramic floor tiles with epoxy can also be offered, depending on the kind of application. However, acid resistant floors are typically required in certain industries such as breweries & beverage industry, dairy and food industry.

Global Tiling, Inc tile setters are very experienced in the thin-set installation of Argelith floor tiles and we have developed a process that minimizes the impact on an existing operation.

Global Tiling, Inc flooring systems using Argelith ceramic tiles are designed to meet the demands of your environment and perform with excellence.